Benefits of a cloth diaper bundle

You have a starter stash of diapers right from the beginning. 

You save money on bundle deals.



We offer different options for you. Start your eco-parenting journey today!
Find the perfect nappy diaper set for your needs and join the Baby Elsa tribe!

Newborn cloth diaper set
 6 diaper covers, 12 newborn inserts 
or 3 diaper covers, 6 newborn inserts 
This is the best way to have an instant starter package, so you can start your cloth diaper journey right after birth.

    Cloth diaper trial set
    3 AI2 diapers
    Great way to test our signature cloth diaper system.
    2 styles in one: choose the pocket diaper or AI2 option, 2 inserts are included with each diaper

    Cloth diaper starter set
     6 pocket diapers
    You will have enough diapers for part-time use. Wet bags you can even use in the bathroom for storing dirty diapers.
    Diaper cover set
    3 diaper covers, 3 bamboo inserts 
    This is the most affordable cloth diaper type, which can be wiped clean between changes.