How to fit cloth diapers

If you’re a brand-new cloth diaper user and just getting started, you’ll want to learn how to fit them onto your baby. It may take a little practice at the beginning to find the perfect fit, but you will learn it quickly to achieve the best fit, minimize leaks and keep your baby happy. This beginner’s guide will help you to find the perfect cloth diaper fit for your little one.


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How to fit cloth diapers on babies and toddlers

 cloth diaper fitting


  1. Place the diaper under your baby’s bum

Not too high up on the back, app. 1-2 cm above your baby’s bottom. 

  1. Pull the front of the diaper over

Pull the front of the diaper up to your baby’s tummy. Make sure it’s pulled high enough to provide a nice fit around the belly. 

The back and front of the cloth diaper should be at an equal high all around.

  1. Snap-in the waist flaps 

Pull the waist flaps and snap into place.

Leave enough wiggle room, 2-3 fingers into the waistband.

 cloth diaper fitting

  1. Tuck away the excess fabric on the waistline

Smooth any excess flaps around the baby´s waistline for a flat and comfortable finish.

  1. Tuck up excess front fabric 

For a nice smooth finish, tuck front fold fabric upwards.

  1. Tuck in the leg elastics

Tuck the leg elastics neatly into baby´s knicker line to avoid leaks. You don’t want to see any visible leg gaps here.


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