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Prespoon for babies - Navy

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Discover the perfect companion for your little one's culinary adventures with our Silicone Baby Prespoon. 

Gentle on Little Mouths 

Our Silicone Baby Prespoon is made from premium, BPA-free silicone, ensuring the utmost safety for your baby. The soft and flexible material is gentle on delicate gums and budding teeth, making it an ideal choice for introducing solids and transitioning to independent feeding. 

Ergonomic Design for Tiny Hands 

Say goodbye to mealtime struggles! The Silicone Baby Prespoon is designed with ergonomic precision, featuring a handle perfectly sized for tiny hands. The lightweight design allows your little one to grasp and maneuver the prespoon with ease, fostering independence and confidence during mealtime. 

Safe and Chewable 

We understand that babies love to explore the world through their mouths. That's why our Silicone Baby Prespoon is not only safe to use but also doubles as a soothing teething toy. The soft, chewable material provides relief for teething discomfort while encouraging self-feeding skills. 

Easy to Clean, Easy to Love 

Parenting is demanding, and we strive to make it a little easier for you. The Silicone Baby Prespoon is dishwasher safe, ensuring a quick and thorough clean after each use. Its seamless design leaves no room for food particles to hide, providing a hygienic dining experience for your little one.

They are made from food-grade siliconeBPA Free and free from chemicals.

SGS certified. 

Size: 6.5 cm


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To clean your product use a dishwasher or wash it with warm soapy water, and let it air dry.

Temperature range: from -16°C - until 200°C