How to start your cloth diaper journey

Congratulations on making the environmental conscious decision to use cloth diaper for your baby. Choosing the right diaper and accessories can be a little difficult at the beginning. Here is a guide for you how to set up your cloth diaper stash so that you are ready to start using cloth diapers on your little one from the beginning.

First you must decide how many diapers you’ll need

Here is a guide which helps you decide, how many how many diapers you’ll need to begin. 

If you want to start using cloth diapers part-time, you need 8 to 10 cloth diapers, which means 2-3 per day.

If you want to start with full-time day use, you will need 12 to 18 cloth diapers, it means 4-6 per day.

If you choose full-time day and night use, you should buy 24 to 28 cloth diapers for your journey.

Please keep in mind, that our BABY DUO diapers come with two bamboo inserts.

We have calculated for you! If you do a load every other day, you will have a few spare diapers, so you never run out of diapers, when you need it.

Buy additional diaper inserts

Having a selection of boosters and inserts will help you to find the best combination for your baby. They are also perfect addition to your stash on colder days when the insert`s drying times are longer. How to combine different type of inserts, you will find more information about that here. Diaper insert types


Boosters are used as additional inserts to add extra absorption at night nappies or for heavy wetters. Choose our hemp cotton inserts for an extra boost at night or during daytime sleeps.

Complete your cloth diaper stash with our eco-friendly accessories. They are thoughtfully designed to help make your life easier.

Add eco-friendly accessories

    Wet bags

    Wet bags are recommended for anybody, who uses cloth diapers for their baby. The Baby Elsa wet bags are made with the same waterproof fabric as our diaper covers to hold and carry cloth diapers simple and smell-free. It can easily fit almost anything your baby needs for a day, like extra diaper inserts, changing mat, reusable wipes, bottles or even it can accommodate small toys.




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