How do period underwear work?

The underwear with built-in protection 

They look like regular underwear, but they're designed to keep moisture away from your skin as they soak up menstrual blood.

The insert in the panty includes an absorbent layer, which is just a few millimeters thick.

When developing our SmartLayer technology, our first priority was making the panties comfortable.

  • The top layer is a Drylayer, made from 100% eco-certified natural cotton, and ensures that you always feel dry and directs the blood through to the antibacterial and absorbent layer within seconds.
  • There is the smart layer that traps the blood, neutralizes odours and makes sure the panty is breathable.
  • The third layer is a waterproof tpu material, preventing the panty from leaking.


period panty layers

Elsawear waterproof side-leak technology

We have developed our WATERPOOF INNOVATIVE WATERPROOF SIDE-LEAK TECHNOLOGY to avoid leaks on the side seams.

We are happy to provide a 45 days money-back guarantee to test Elsawear panties.

These are the most common questions regarding period underwear:

  • How long can I wear period panties?
  • How long do period panties last?
  • How much blood can period panties hold?

We have colorful panties and beautiful panties with lace, also!

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